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Bulk Fishing Worms

Top-notch fishing worms that don’t

cost the earth!

Our worms are fresh, fat, wiggly, squirmy and full of sass. Just how the fish love ‘em. And just how fishermen love ‘em. Relatively new to the Australian fishing scene, European Nightcrawlers (Eisennia Hortensis) have zoomed up the ranks to become the favourite breed of worm for fishing. Larger than common red composting worms and smaller than scrub worms, Nightcrawlers are the perfect size for fishing.


Thick-skinned and sassy.

A thicker skin than other worms makes Nightcrawlers the most versatile worm in the world, fishing just as well in fresh or brackish water. How tough are they? They’re the worm of choice for Canadian ice fishermen, because they stay lively for long periods of submersion in icy cold water. Their thicker skin means they stay vigorous and wriggly on your hook longer and fish have to try harder to pull them off, vastly improving your catch.

Any fish, any where.

Whether you're fishing for Bream in Spring Creek, Redfin at Wurdiboluc, Trout in the Otways or Cod in the Murray, these are the perfect all-round live bait. We promise you’ll never look back after fishing with European Nightcrawlers!

Not your everyday worm.

As more fishermen watch their catch rates soar with Nightcrawlers, their popularity has skyrocketed. Market under-supply is compounded by Nightcrawlers being fussy breeders. They demand a perfect combination of moisture, temperature, pH levels, bedding mix and food supply to happily breed in numbers.

Home of happy Nightcrawlers.

Luckily, we’re fussy breeders, too!  We’ve consulted with many of the biggest fishing worm farmers world wide to develop exactly the right conditions for growing fat, juicy Nightcrawlers. Our worms thrive in computerised temperature controlled sheds to deliver the perfect temperate climate for Nightcrawler breeding.

Handpicked and packed to go.

When you order Jan Juc Fishing Worms, we carefully handpick and place your worms in our special shipping compound.

Caring for your Jan Juc Fishing Worms European Nightcrawlers.

- Keep stored at 4-25˚C for up to 4 weeks*

- For longer storage, place in the fridge for up to 3 months (they’ll hibernate)

- Protect from direct sunlight

- Keep in a well-ventilated area

European Night Crawlers
European Nightcrawlers Eggs
Fishing hook with worm europen nightcrawler
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