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Starter pack combining everything you’ll need to hatch and grow your own bait sized European Night Crawler fishing worms.



Step by Step Guide - “How to Hatch your European Nightcrawler Cocoons” which contains a full set of instructions with pictures for anyone new to worm farming to follow


400+ European Nightcrawler Cocoons / Eggs - These are the same cocoons/eggs we use in our commercial system inoculated with healthy microbes to give your worms a kick start


Coco Coir Brick - To be used as a part of the worm bedding, we have sourced Coco Coir that has been washed/buffed removing any salt to provide the safest bedding possible for your worms


5L Shredded Cardboard - This cardboard has been shredded with the same cut we use in our commercial system to maximise worm digestion


350ml Worm Farm Conditioner - Use this conditioner monthly to keep your system’s PH in balance providing a healthy thriving environment for your worms


Some FAQ


How many fishing worms can I expect to end up with from my pack of 400+ cocoons?

Our extensive testing and trials show that given the right conditions our cocoons hatch out rate is approximately 80%. Each cocoon contains one worm however every fifth cocoon contains twins (two worms). This gives us around a 1 for 1 ratio, so for 400 cocoons you should end up with about 400 worms. We’re always generous with our cocoon counts so you should end up with at least 450 worms from each of our cocoon packs. 


How long will it take from setting the cocoons to being able to harvest bait size worms?

The general rule of thumb is approximately 5 months being 2 months to hatch the cocoons out and then another 10 -12 weeks to grow the worms out to a decent bait size. However, there are many factors that can influence growth rates such as the ambient temperature and general health of your system.  

Grow Your Own Fishing Worms Starter Pack

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